ECO 135TT is the solution for convenient chipping for Pro Axe

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After four years of hiring woodchippers, with 'mixed' experiences, the time was right for Dan Snaith of Pro Axe to invest in a machine to call his own - that being an ECO 135TT from GreenMech. Opting for the turntable model, the ECO 135TT has brought new-found convenience to day-to-day operations, not just available when he needs it, but rotatable to be exactly where he needs it too!

Dan has used various makes and models of woodchipper during his two decades in the industry, half of those operating under DS Grounds Maintenance - recently rebranded and relaunched as Pro Axe. "We undertake all manner of domestic and commercial tree-works for customers across South West Wales, which had put a lot of pressure on an aging GreenMech we previously had at our disposal" explains Dan. "We've therefore been relying on hire centres for the last few years which was unreliable and inconvenient to say the least!"

"I got in touch with Martin Lucas at GreenMech who responded quickly and arranged a demonstration of the ECO 135TT for the following week with our local dealer Powercut. The whole process was seamless and as soon as I saw the machine, I was sold!"

Defined as entry-level but delivering an impressive 5" chipping capacity, GreenMech's ECO 135 range is ideal for a wide range of arb and landscape applications. The road-tow ECO 135TT model features a 24hp Loncin engine and full 360o turntable for powerful performance and unbeatable manoeuvrability.

"For me, this was one of the main selling points - it's lightweight, easy to transport and when we arrive on site we can simply turn the ECO 135TT to face in any given direction, improving efficiency and safety for the operator especially when working at the roadside. Being petrol powered has also resulted in a reduction in our fuel spend, giving us chipping power that I'd say is on par with a larger 6" machine in a unit that's close to half the size."

"I was also impressed with the fast delivery, we waited only a few weeks before Powercut installed the machine with us in early October." Since its delivery, the ECO 135TT has proven a versatile addition to the team. "It's been out every week, and has tackled everything we've put through it - including hedge brash which the GreenMech seems to mulch through no problem. Overall, I couldn't be happier."

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