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EcoCubeMicromix and Amenity Technology have banded together to offer their wide range of Plant Health products, liquid feeds, fertilisers and micronutrients in the advanced EcoCube environmental packaging system.

The EcoCube comprises of a lightweight plastic inner and a durable double fluted outer, that is claimed to provide major environmental and operational advantages over traditional plastic containers. The new pack also empties rapidly without "glugging" thereby improving operator safety over conventional packs.

EcoCube's plastic inner, though strong and reliable, uses less than 7grams of plastic per litre of liquid packed compared to over 41grams in conventional 2 by 10 litre packaging, making it much easier and less expensive to recycle or dispose of - an 83% reduction in plastic packaging.

By combining the plastic inner with a rugged double fluted card outer, which is manufactured from renewable raw materials that are fully recyclable and biodegradable, EcoCube now allows the UK amenity sector to take a proactive step in reducing the impact of packaging waste in their operations.

As both the inner and outer components fold flat when not in use, the EcoCube can also significantly reduce transport and storage costs, (a 40ft trailer for example, can hold over 46,000 EcoCube's compared to only 7000 10 litre plastic containers), thus providing an important reduction in its total carbon footprint.

Another point worth considering is that with ever more stringent legislation governing the disposal of amenity waste and the ever-increasing associated costs, the EcoCube should provide significant savings.

Wilson Boardman MD of Micromix, sees great prospects for the new container, he said "It has taken us four years of testing to get it here, but by joining forces with Amenity Technology in the development of the EcoCube, we can now supply cost effective products that are not only manufactured in house by a British Company, to guaranteed standards, but we can also offer a major advancement in environmental packaging for the UK amenity sector.

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