Eco-Friendly B30 fuels Etesia Ride-Ons

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EtesiaEtesia is taking a major environmental step forward in grass cutting history with the launch of ride-on rotaries that can run on low emission B30-diesel. As an eco-friendly company Etesia takes its responsibilities seriously, so with the choice of cleaner fuels now available, they have strong reasons to look at alternatives in order to help national and international efforts to reduce climate change.

Whilst other manufacturers in the garden machinery industry have gone down the route of using B20-diesel, Etesia has opted for the B30-diesel mix because it contains the far higher ratio of 30% renewable Bio fuel (produced from transesterified oil of crops such as oilseed rape, sunflowers and soybeans) to 70% diesel. Therefore, because B30-diesel contains 50% more plant generated Bio fuel than B20-diesel, it offers a greater reduction in emissions, especially when compared with mineral diesel. It is also highly biodegradable in the event of spillage.

To achieve this progress, Etesia's Research & Development team has been working closely with engine manufacturer, Lombardini. The result is that every one of the company's Lombardini-powered ride-ons in the Hydro rotary ranges can now simply switch between conventional diesel and B30-diesel, according to fuel availability or operator choice. The two fuels are interchangeable - no modifications are required and there is no need to clean either the tank or the engine.

Through Lombardini's co-operation with Etesia during the research and trials, they are now believed to be the only manufacture with the confidence to offer full warranty on their engines when run on either B30-diesel or standard diesel.

To complete the eco-friendly picture, all Etesia Hydro ride-ons can now be factory supplied with bio-degradable engine oil, greases and hydraulic fluids. This means that in the event of spillage or at the time of disposal, our planet is not harmed.

Etesia professional EC Compliant Hydro ride-on rotaries are built for high output; superb performance; long life and minimum downtime. When used with B30-diesel there is no loss of power and their high performance is not affected. This new low emission fuel option puts Etesia ahead of the field in this industry with an initiative designed to reduce the carbon footprint made by their products.

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