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Etesia Hydro 124 collecting leaves.jpg  rev.jpgFollowing a wet summer with plenty of fast growing grass to cut and collect, those responsible for maintenance of our parks and public spaces are now faced with yet another problem - leaf fall!

Etesia speedily takes the back-ache out of the autumn tidy-up with their Hydro range of ride-on mowers. The secret lies in Etesia's unique cutting and collecting system which creates a strong aerodynamic suction beneath the cutting deck. As a result, when gathering leaves, litter and debris from grass or hard surfaces, such as roadways and paths, all material is efficiently 'sucked' into the large rear-mounted collector, even when damp. High-tip and ground level emptying models give users the choice of disposal into a truck or trailer or directly onto the compost heap.

The real economic bonus offered by an Etesia Hydro is that the mower provides all-year-round use from the first cut of early lush spring growth, right through summer mowing to autumn clean up. In this way, no additional pricey dedicated leaf collecting equipment is required, thus saving on precious budgets.

Models in Etesia's Hydro ride-on rotary range have cutting widths of 80cm, 100cm and 124cm. All have powerful, well proven engines and fuel options include environmentally friendly bio diesel and LPG in addition to diesel and petrol.

In operation, the low decibel levels of the machines ensure operator comfort. This also prevents noise pollution on sites where trees and shrubs abound, such as parks, schools and golf courses where the sound of a machine running can cause a nuisance.

On all Etesia Hydro ride-on mowers, hydrostatic drive with forward and reverse pedals provides variable speeds in both directions. Even weight distribution combines with the relatively low machine weight thus ensuring minimal damage to turf. Ergonomic design provides total comfort to minimise operator fatigue and all controls are within easy reach of the driving seat.

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