Ecosol Turfcare’s autumn 'Drill n' Fill' schedule begins

Penny Comerfordin Drainage & Irrigation

Ecosol Turfcare's busy autumn 'Drill n' Fill' schedule has begun with bookings from golf clubs all around the country. The legendary aerator is perfect for poorly draining greens which suffer with puddling, compaction, thatch, black layer and poor grass growth.

By gently folding back the grass, the tungsten drills penetrate to a depth of 31cm, removing plugs of soil and replacing them with sand and, if desired, a soil amendment such as Sportslite. The resulting grid of ducts will work for many months, allowing water to percolate down to drainage layers, reducing spongy conditions and improving grass growth. There is minimal impact on the green which can be back in pay after about two hours.

Clubs which use this process in the autumn will usually find that their greens remain open throughout the wettest winter.

Dutch golf club Kennemer, for example, has recently rebooked the process for this October. This means three Ecosol Drill n' Fill aerators crossing the channel.

Kennemer's course superintendent, Dick Vastenhouw, started using this aeration in 2010 and has found it has transformed his compacted and slow-to-drain greens.