EGCOA Announces Launch of Spanish Owners Association

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spainThe European Golf Course Owners Association (EGCOA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Spanish Golf Course Owners Association (SGCOA).

The inaugural gathering of this important new organisation took place during the recent Club Managers Conference in Madrid (31. March - 2. April 2011).

The new association will be chaired by Antonio Garrido Lestache, Executive Chairman of Aymerich Golf. Other board members include Vice Chairman, Jose Miguel Soroa Gallano (Rompido North, El Rompido South Island Valdecañas and Hato Verde) and Treasurer, Jorge Molina Botas (Martinsa-Fadesa). The mission of the SGCOA is to promote, develop and represent the interests of the owners of golf courses in Spain, as well as to promote the growth of the golf industry, acting as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences and to professionalise the industry and the business of golf in Spain.

"There is a real need within the Spanish golf industry for golf course owners to commit and to provide the skills and entrepreneurial spirit to develop the business of golf within our country," said Antonio Garrido Lestache, SGCOA Chairman. The SGCOA is the latest addition to a growing list of national associations (including: Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and the UK), all of whom are united under the umbrella of the EGCOA. The SGCOA will be an integral part of the European Golf Course Owners Association, and will play an active role alongside other European golf course owners in pan-European initiatives and programs.

"The aim of SGCOA is to strengthen and improve the development of the golf industry in Spain," said Garrido Lestache. "By the owners and entrepreneurs who lead the industry, and with the help of organisations across Europe and the United States, we will work alongside other Spanish industry institutions, such as the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, the PGA of Spain, the regional federations, the Club Managers of Spain, the Seve Ballesteros Foundation and many other organisations, all of whom who are working together to grow the golf business in Spain." EGCOA Director, Lodewijk Klootwijk said: "We are delighted to see the formation of the SGCOA. This is a major step forward for golf courses and their owners in Spain.

There will be challenges in the times ahead to grow and improve the golf business there, and we look forward to working with and supporting our friends in Spain to accomplish this." For further information on the SGCOA, please contact: Mr. Jaime Anabitarte - Tel: +34 651 34 7171. About the EGCOA:

The European Golf Course Owners Association (EGCOA) is a trade association, which provides a range of services to support golf course owners, and which represents their interests and seeks to improve the golf business on a European level. With the growing role of the European Union (EU) and the shift of decision making from a national to a European level, the role of the EGCOA as Europe's leading authority on the business of golf course ownership is increasing rapidly. For further information please contact the EGCOA: European Golf Course Owners Association Phone: + Fax: +

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