EGO launch 'Industry first'

Steve Roskellin Machinery & Mechanics

EGO say they have tackled the problem of reloading line with its new ST1510E - Power+ Line Trimmer featuring Powerload technology.

The product, which won an Innovation Medal at GaLaBau in October last year and a Technology Innovation Award at Bologne's EIMA exhibition, is described by Ego as the industry's first line trimmer tool with a fully automatic line re-loading system.

To load the ST1510E, users insert the trimmer line through the head of the tool. After a push on its activation button, the Powerload system then winds the line onto the spool in less than five seconds.

The company says the quick-adjust handle offers optimum balance and control with a 38cm cutting swathe. In addition, they say the line trimmer's soft-start function and constant speed control ensures consistent trimming.
As with all EGO Power+ products, the ST1510E is powered by their 56V Arc Lithium battery.

Steve Roskell, marketing director (EMEA) at EGO, said, "This groundbreaking feature was specifically designed to resolve consumers' number one pain point with line trimmers. Replacing line when it runs out. With this world first innovation, Powerload has finally put an end to these frustrations."

For customers that are unsure about the power of battery technology, EGO offers a 30-day money back guarantee for all domestic users.