EGO Power+ 45cm chainsaw

Josh Handscombin Battery/Electric Power

With the launch of the EGO Power+ 45cm chainsaw (CS1800E), market-leading cordless specialist EGO is helping gardening, landscaping, arboriculture professionals cut faster and more efficiently, while also minimising harm to people and the environment.

The latest addition to a range which also includes a 30cm and 40cm chainsaw, the new tool is specially designed to meet professional needs by combining comfort, durability and high performance in a robust and easy-to-handle design.

Using an efficient brushless motor powered by pioneering 56-volt Arc lithium-ion technology, the EGO chainsaw features an impressive chain speed of 20m/s and bumper spikes to increase control when cutting logs, while a chain brake adds to safe operation. For ease of use, automatic oiling and tensioning features mean there's no tooling and less maintenance on the job, while additional features - such as an LED light and easy oil inspection - add up to one of the most advanced battery chainsaws on the market.

Representing the ultimate in cordless technology it delivers all the power of petrol, without the harmful side effects. Indeed, with a noise rating of 93LpA/104 LwA and a vibration of 5.1/3.5m/s2 it can be used comfortably and safely for extended periods, minimising the risk of RSI and white finger.

Manufactured from robust, weatherproof materials for longer service life, it's also compatible with a choice of high-performance batteries, with runs times from 40 cuts with the 2.5Ah battery up to 160 cuts with the new 10Ah battery - enough for a full day's work. EGO Power+ 45cm chainsaw (CS1800E) weighs 4.5kg without batteries.

The market leader in cordless outdoor power equipment, the EGO range includes mowers, blowers, hedge trimmers, line trimmers & brush cutters and a multi-tool.

Helping professionals work safely and efficiently, the EGO Power+ 45cm chainsaw retails at £239.00 and comes with a two-year professional warranty.