EGO’s commercial cordless tools offer power and performance to groundcare professionals

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EGO's commercial cordless garden tools offer power and performance to groundcare professionals

To meet the needs of groundcare professionals in terms of power, performance, convenience and wellbeing, EGO Power+ is launching its first dedicated range of commercial cordless tools.

Powered by the patented design of the 56V Arc Lithium battery system, which delivers the power of petrol without the petrol, the range comprises three high-spec tools - a hedge trimmer, a commercial line trimmer, and a blower. All offer super tough, low maintenance construction to help groundcare professionals work harder all-day every day, even in the most challenging conditions.

EGO have spent a lot of time talking to professional users to better understand what is required from them of their tools. The result is a range of tools designed to perform beyond the expectations of even the most challenging user.

All three new tools are packed with innovation. The hedge trimmer, for example, has blades that are made from laser-cut steel with diamond-ground edges to ensure a sharpness and cleanness of cut. Unlike other manufacturers they are then laser-hardened to ensure they stay sharper for longer, even when cutting through the toughest hedge.

In an industry first, the brushcutter has a carbon fibre shaft which makes it more lightweight for ease of handling, but, even more importantly, it makes it extremely strong. Where standard aluminium shafts bend or get damaged, this shaft stays strong to meet the day-to-day routine of handling, transporting and storing.

EGO is already renowned for producing extremely powerful blowers but the new professional blower takes performance to a whole new level. At its maximum, the blower can blow at a rate of 1079m3/h with a speed of 212km/h and a force of 20 newtons. This level of performance is up there with the very best petrol backpack blowers. However, unlike petrol blowers, operational volume is incredibly low at just 80 decibels, meaning it can be used in even the most sensitive of areas without causing disruption

Additional to these three tools, EGO will also launch a new backpack battery, which once again, takes cordless performance to a whole new level. With an IP rating of 56, this new battery is suitable for all weather conditions. There's no need to stop and place a plastic cover over the top of it like some other manufacturers because its 1500 watt hour capacity will just keep on working.

"Reliability is a must for groundcare professionals, but comfort is also essential when people are working every day. The development of our battery technology is matched by a commitment to high-spec construction, giving users a suite of tools engineered for their needs," explains Steve Roskell of EGO.

"The range is comfortable and convenient to use, delivers exceptional results and - backed by the EGO Arc Lithium battery - matches and even exceeds what can be achieved with conventional petrol-powered tools."

The EGO Power+ Commercial Range is launched in Spring/Summer 2018. To find out more about EGO technology, please visit

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