Electric with light orchestrations

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fort f100 1Seen for the first time at Saltex, CityFort is an exciting new range of eco friendly electric powered vans and trucks. Road legal and right hand drive these zero emission vehicles are congestion charge and road tax exempt, making them ideal for a whole variety of tasks in and around the city.

Built on a lightweight aluminium frame there are numerous body options to suit a diversity of uses from deliveries and grounds maintenance to waste and facilities management, working silently around shopping centres, parks, amenity and leisure areas. The efficient size and 915kg weight is perfectly suited to negotiating driveways and narrow streets while being kind to delicate ground.

The electric asynchronous three phase 48v engine delivers the power to carry a 530kg payload with a maximum speed of 45Km/h and a capability of up to 80 miles on a full charge, depending on the load and use. The battery recharge time is eight hours with the incorporated charger so it can be easily charged overnight ready for the next day's work.

CityFort has a reputation for built-in reliability as well as offering the user comfort and safety with good all round vision. Suspension is independent MacPherson strut and options include a 3 speed heater, hydraulic lift, a radio and automatic battery charger. Electric Powered Solutions, the sole UK distributor, say the CityFort can be supplied in many different configurations to suit councils and contractors, offering low-cost, ecologically sound logistics solutions. For details visit www.electricpoweredsolutions.co.uk or call 05600 759558.

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