Emergency Authorisation for Acelepryn granted

Mark Sandersonin Chemicals & Fertilisers

An Emergency Authorisation has been granted for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, for the control of Chafer grubs and leatherjacket on golf course greens and tees, horse racing courses and airfields. The approval was applied for by STRI, on behalf of and with support from the amenity industry.

Chafer Grubs and leatherjackets cause damage to turf through extensive feeding on roots, which can be severe in localised patches. Furthermore, extreme damage can occur when badgers, birds and other foragers root through turf in search of the grubs.

The Emergency Authorisation permits Acelepryn use in situations where there is an acknowledged instance of economic damage and where the product has been recommended by a BASIS qualified advisor.

With the loss of available control options independent advisors, ADAS, has calculated the economic cost of Chafer Grubs alone at up to £85 million a year for golf courses in the UK, from lost income and damage repair. The report also highlighted that on the 40% of racecourses affected by the pest's damage, lost income could amount to up to £605,000 per course.

'"Since the withdrawal of effective insecticides, economic damage from chafer grubs and leatherjackets has been of major concern to many of us," reported STRI Head of Research, Dr Ruth Mann. "Obtaining this Emergency Authorisation of Acelepryn enables us to manage the most damaging effects of these soil pests as part of an integrated turf management programme."

Turf managers or owners who believe they have suffered economically damaging effects of Chafer grubs and leatherjackets are advised to contact their BASIS agronomist.

Pitchcare are an appointed distributor for Acelepyrn, end users who meet the criteria for application can contact as us to order stock and will be advised by a BASIS member of the team - email sales@pitchcare.com or call 01902 440250.

There is limited stock available to the UK market and customers will be provided stock on a first come, first serve basis once all conditions of stewardship have been adhered to.

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