Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd. to represent Ransomes Jacobsen in Suffolk and Norfolk territories

Juliet Liddellin Industry News

Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd. will now serve as the authorised distributor for Ransomes and Jacobsen turf equipment in Suffolk and Norfolk territories, expanding its relationship with the brands.

Ernest Doe will sell and service Ransomes and Jacobsen equipment from three branches in both Suffolk and Norfolk. Ernest Doe already represents the brands in Essex, Herts, Beds, Cambs, Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex.

Ernest Doe recently showcased Ransomes Jacobsen's Ipswich factory to staff and customers, and hosted a golf day at Ipswich Golf Club.

"During these two days, we wanted our local customers and Ernest Doe staff to see the full capability of the factory and what we do here," said William Carr, director of sales for Ransomes Jacobsen. "A lot of people who know of us don't always understand the scope of the operation, and by showing them around, we can give them a first-hand look into the manufacturing process.

"The golf day at Ipswich Golf Club was a great opportunity for everyone to play at a fantastic local club on a course which was excellently prepared by Graham Brumpton and his team, and was a great finish to a really successful two days."

For Ernest Doe, expanding their territory into Suffolk and Norfolk strengthens their already established relationship with the mower and machinery manufacturer.

"It's a perfect opportunity for the Jacobsen brand in its home territory," said Andy Turbin, groundcare general sales manager for Ernest Doe. "We're back in Ipswich where the machines are built, and a lot of these customers have never been to the factory so it's a great chance for us to get them on board and show them the products."

"I want every single golf course in Norfolk and Suffolk to go to the factory and see what's being produced locally. It isn't until you see a pallet of metal go in at one end, and a precision mower come out the other end, that you fully appreciate what they do there, and I know some of our staff who went for the first time were very impressed with what they saw."