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TM Cassettes.jpgNow that Spring has finally arrived, a Greenkeepers job in meeting the expectations of Club Members will be a tough one. No matter that the greens are still recovering from the coldest winter for over 60 years, they'll be angling for summer condition greens ASAP - and no compromise.

The ATT TMSystem®, from The Grass Group, is the only complete modular fine turf management tool in the world today. With eight individual cassettes, it is fully interchangeable between all main stream makes of triplex greens mowers and light weight fairway mowers.

There's a cassette for every need whether the objective is organic matter reduction, grain control, soil gas/air exchange, green speed manipulation or top dressing integration. The TMSystem® rolling cassette, operating at 83Hz through twin rollers, is unsurpassed at providing smooth greens regardless of time of season with no agronomic compromise.

The product has ergonomic design features such as the 'Easy-in-Easy-out' cassette install and removal method using only 4 bolts. This feature means a cassette can be changed in 10 seconds and the height adjusted equally as easily by means of the 'wrenchless' system.

Cassettes can be purchased as required and the chassis can easily be adapted if you change the brand of triplex mower you use.

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