Etesia celebrates 30 years in the UK

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Etesia is celebrating 30 successful years of operating in the UK. In 1991 French based company Etesia set-up a headquarters in the Midlands with a limited product range - just one ride-on mower and a pedestrian mower to be precise. However, the two products put Etesia's name on the map and word quickly spread as to just how technologically advanced this innovative brand was.

Etesia UK celebrates 30 years in the UK along with the launch of the ET Lander electric utility vehicle.

Fast forward to June 2021 and Etesia has become a major player in the professional market with a multitude of products covering every inch of the UK. Year on year, Etesia UK continues to grow with an expanding list of dealers promoting the Etesia and Pellenc brands, and the past 12 months has been no exception despite the pandemic.

"How time flies," said Managing Director Les Malin. "It does not seem that long since we celebrated 25 years and now, here we are 5 years later, celebrating 30 years in the UK - but what a 5 years it has been.

"The industry in general has seen its fair share of ups and downs and the last 18 months have disappeared completely under the shadow of the pandemic. However, I'm pleased to report that Etesia has seen significant growth in the last 12 months. Battery products are generally becoming more dominant throughout our product portfolio and nothing shows that more than the recent launch of the ET Lander utility vehicle."

The ET Lander is a fully electric utility vehicle built specifically for use on roads and all types of paths in both the town and countryside. Powerful enough to use for a full working day and with the ability to transport loads of up to 940kgs, this new product is set to be another ground-breaking innovation.

The launch of the ET Lander is the perfect way to celebrate Etesia UK's 30th anniversary and there will certainly be more innovations to look forward to according to Les.

"This innovative product has been in development way before our 25th celebration year," he said. "Innovation does not happen overnight, and we will continue to develop products like this - which will help make our next 30 years look outlandishly green."

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