Etesia finance offer makes grass cutting child’s play

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Martin Carty, Managing Director at Carty Services, has revealed how a 0% interest finance offer from Etesia UK enabled him to improve operations on a wide range of school playing fields throughout Warwickshire.

Martin Carty Services have purchased two Hydro 80 ride-on mowers following Etesia UK's 0% finance offer

During last year's uncertainty and inevitable financial pressures, Etesia UK explored the best ways in which it could help their customers. With this in mind, a three years' interest-free finance offer on the all new Etesia Hydro 80 MKHP5 ride-on mower was introduced to allow customers greater flexibility with their finance.

It was an offer which Martin Carty found too good to ignore.

"We were in the market for a new ride-on mower and the Etesia finance offer would give us the financial flexibility to purchase two mowers rather than one," said Martin. "This was very appealing because two mowers would certainly help to make us more efficient."

Based in Warwickshire, Carty Services has a glowing reputation for looking after and maintaining gardens, grounds and school sports fields to an incredibly high standard. The company has been trading for seventeen years and Martin now employees 15 members of staff.

The growth of the company is testament to the quality of work undertaken by the Carty Services team. The reputation of the company is exactly why Martin does not rush into quick decisions when it comes to purchasing new equipment.

"The finance offer obviously helped but it absolutely had to be the best mower for us - we want the finest equipment," he said. "We looked at lots of different ride-on mowers but quite honestly, the other brands just didn't tick all the boxes like the Etesia Hydro 80 did. The size of the machine was a big factor in our decision too."

Measuring less than 1 metre wide, the Etesia Hydro 80 is easily transported in any vehicle whether it be a van or a trailer. Its compact size means that this impressive machine can pass through most gateways and its tight turning circle makes it ideal for small or awkward areas. It mows close to walls and fences and is highly manoeuvrable.

"We purely use the Etesia machines on school playing fields and the great thing about them is the size and how manoeuvrable they are," he said. "They are extremely easy to get through gates and in and out of playgrounds. They deal with tight corners incredibly well and they fit nicely in the van when transporting them to different sites.

"I like how quiet they are, and we can use them without disturbing the classrooms. The ability to cut and collect in all weathers is also hugely beneficial."

As Martin says, the Etesia Hydro 80 has been designed to cut and collect both long and short grass, without clogging in any weather. Add to that its compact dimensions, ease of use, hydrostatic drive and powerful 15hp twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine, and you have a highly efficient machine offering the kind of output that would easily replace three walk-behind mowers.

The Hydro 80 has also been robustly built and requires minimal maintenance. Operators have access to the engine and all working parts, and the hydrostatic transmission system is maintenance free. The specially coated 60 mm tubular chassis is also designed for strength and long-life.

"They are speedy, powerful and perform very well," continued Martin. "I would say that they can cover up to nearly 5,000 square metres per hour - which is perfect when time isn't on your side. We can be cutting the playing fields in the morning and an hour later the children can be out of playing on them."

"The Hydro 80's are exceptionally good value for money and nothing at all has gone wrong with them. I've been so impressed that I've already decided that I'll be purchasing from Etesia UK again when the time comes."

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