Etesia goes electric

Jane Carleyin Industry News

DSCF2613.JPGEtesia UK has developed the first rotary mower with integrated collector to be powered by electricity.

The Bahia MEE can cut for two hours, covering up to 1500sqm on a single charge, and to further its 'green' credentials, Etesia offers a solar panel charging system as an alternative to mains electric supply.

Drive from the power pack is to a pair of wheel motors and the deck motor, and the Bahia MEE can also be used with the deck disengaged as a towing vehicle for a full day's work, while an outlet supplies 220v power to attachments such as hedgetrimmers.

Quiet operation associated with electric power makes the Bahia MEE useful for applications around school buildings, hospitals or housing complexes.

Etesia has 25 pre-production models on test, and expects full availability for the Bahia MEE in 2011. Managing director Patrick Vives suggests that the price of the mower should compare well with purchase and fuel costs for the petrol equivalent.

The new model will be supplied and supported from Etesia's new base at Shenington, near Banbury in Oxfordshire which offers workshop and training facilities as well as extensive product testing space.

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