Etesia launch high capacity battery-powered products

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Pellenc launch.JPGEtesia has a well-earned reputation for its forward-thinking design and originality in producing outdoor powered equipment that does the job - and does it well!

For 2010 Etesia UK Ltd does not disappoint! .......... Representing a complete departure from their recognised line-up of ride-on and pedestrian rotary mowers and brushcutters, the UK company is launching a revolutionary new range of ultra-lithium battery-powered chainsaws, hedge trimmers and pruning tools aimed at local authorities and commercial end users.

Unlike many battery operated units, these tools have been designed specifically for the rigours of professional use. Powered by a new generation of very high capacity lithium-ion batteries that provide half-a-day to a full-day's work, they are the first, and only, truly viable 'green' alternative to petrol powered units.

Unexpectedly, compared with conventional units, these state-of-the-art products are lighter to handle and, of course, offer very low maintenance. From an operator's point of view, noise and vibration levels are minimal; there are no starting problems and there is no time wasted re-filling the fuel tank.

These products are the brain-child of the well-established French supplier, Pellenc, who last year set up a Green Technology Division intent on replacing traditional petrol units with electrical power. Their success is evident in a high-tech range that has been thoughtfully created with both the environment and professional end users in mind.

In December 2009, an agreement was signed giving Etesia UK Ltd sole rights for the UK and Eire distribution of Pellenc's patented professional ranges of Selion chainsaws and polesaws; plus the Helion hedgecutter and Treelion powered secateurs. A revolutionary aspect of this venture is that it is the first time the parent company of Etesia has allowed its UK subsidiary sole discretion in trading in a brand outside Etesia's own product range.

Etesia is looking for new specialist dealers for its Pellenc business, which will also be offered to selected existing Etesia sales outlets. Products will be available from early in 2010 and demonstrations to end users are free (phone - 01926 403319).

Etesia's managing director, Patrick Vives, is very enthusiastic about the positive contribution this initiative will make to the industry. Commenting he says, "From both an environmental and operational point of view, these no-emission products offer an enormous number of benefits and are the way forward for end users. They are extremely innovative, which complements our own brand; plus they match Etesia's mission to work towards reducing the impact our products have on global emissions."

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