Etesia Trailer Offer Tipped for Success

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DSC 5401BContractors, landscapers and grounds maintenance professionals who are in search of a versatile, small trailer that tackles a wide variety of jobs need look no further than Etesia's MRM Multi-Purpose Trailer.

Whether you want to carry tools, sand, compost, leaves or mowing waste, the unique easy-emptying with foot pedal control makes manoeuvring around any site effortless.

As part of the up-coming range of special offers that Etesia UK will shortly be announcing, the French manufacturer is selling the trailer at better than half price until further notice.

The trailer can simply be pulled as a wheelbarrow by hand or trailed behind a ride-on lawnmower, ATV or tractor, making it ideal for transporting soil, paving slabs, compost, and other heavy materials.

Perhaps its most important and unique feature is that the skip's outer-body is double-skinned, forming a tank with the capacity to transport up to 85 litres of water or other liquids such as plant-care products. This is especially useful when working on remote sites where a tap or hose are not nearby.

The trailer incorporates a rack to carry tools such as rakes, brooms, shovels or other long-handled implements. A foot-controlled rear-tipper enables the skip's contents to be easily deposited onto the ground.

To increase the 180 litre capacity of the skip, it has dual-purpose side-extension panels - when raised to their full height they increase the load capability to a huge 400 litres.

Now priced at just £459 including VAT and delivery, Etesia's MRM Multi-Purpose Trailer is a little workhorse which can turn its hand to a wide number of uses, making it a 'must' for anybody involved in grounds maintenance.

To take advantage of the offer, or for further information on the promotion and participating dealers, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680 120 or visit

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