European Parliament in favour of Prohibiting Pesticide Use

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AmenFor.jpgThe Amenity Forum is very concerned about the recent developments regarding the EU Directive for the sustainable use of pesticides.

Recently the EU Environment Committee voted in favour of proposals to the Council and European Parliament withdraw the use of pesticides in all public amenity areas. This proposal that may well be voted on in the European Parliament in a plenary session during the week of 24th September.

The Amenity Forum is sending a brief to all UK MEP's before the vote in order that they fully understand the impact if this should go ahead. At the same time they would urge all organisations to contact their own MEP and make their views known to reinforce a clear message.

The Chairman of the Amenity Forum Jon Allbutt said;

"If the EU Parliament votes to withdraw the use of pesticides in all public amenity areas it will have a catastrophic effect on the ability of our professional greenkeepers and groundsmen to prepare world class sports pitches" "The UK already has statutory and voluntary controls over the use of pesticides, which when combined with our traditions of cultural management and alternative strategies, has resulted in an excellent record of safe use - we do not need any further restrictions!"

"As Chairman I shall write to all UK MEPs with a summary of the likely negative impact of such a decision and urge all in our industry to contact their local MEPs to urge them to vote against any proposals to withdraw pesticides approvals in public amenity areas"

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