Ex-demo TORO hybrid mower for Shotts golf club

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Club scoops Greensmaster eTriFlex 3360 from Reesink Scotland

Course manager Andrew Kirk with the club's ex-demo Greensmaster eTriFlex 3360 mower.

Machines are in high demand and Shotts Golf Club has bagged itself a rare gem - an ex-demo hybrid mower from Toro dealer Reesink Scotland.

Located half-way between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Shotts Golf Club was in the market for a hybrid mower with longevity. Course manager Andrew Kirk, who has been managing operations for a little over two years, explains: "This is not the first time the club has had an electric or hybrid mower, but it is the first time we've had a Toro one. Reliability was an issue with our old electric machine, which didn't last very long compared to the price we had paid - - not even five years, so this time I went for Toro whose reputation for longevity and reliability is widely known."

In terms of going with an ex-demo machine, Andrew says: "Being more sustainable also means reutilising as much as possible and skipping a brand-new machine for one that had had some light usage is something that fits with our overall ethos and approach to sustainability. The fact that it was available immediately and delivered very quickly was a major plus."

When it launched in 2019, Toro's Greensmaster eTriFlex 3360 hybrid greensmower was the perfect example of hybrid technology in a riding greensmower. The combination of a Kawasaki engine with battery assist technology offered the best of both worlds. Saving up to 20 percent in fuel and a constant 2,400 rpm with shrouded engine for amazingly quiet operation, but with a known diesel engine, it was a reliable, more sustainable energy source.

Andrew continues: "Being hybrid limits the hydraulic bursts on the greens and not having to deal with that was a big thing for me. The team much prefers this model to the previous one. They like the ease of setting it up, including the height setting, and the way it's so straight-forward, it's a surprisingly simple machine to use when you consider the technology involved. That saves us so much time and energy that we can spend elsewhere."

The club has made many eco-friendly changes including roughs management that allows certain areas to remain uncut to provide habitats for different forms of wildlife. The next step for Andrew and the team is to look at water management options for rainwater capture, coupled with filtration and aeration, but for now, being able to tend to the greens with a lot more peace of mind is already a much-welcomed improvement.

Andrew concludes: "We are certainly looking into replacing more machines in the future with hybrid and electric alternatives but for now, this one is doing very well and we're very happy with the purchase."

Gareth Rogers, area sales specialist at Reesink Scotland, who facilitated the transaction, adds: "It was a pleasure providing Andrew with a reliable solution, which has helped make his job a little bit easier and makes this job worthwhile. Ex-demo machines through Reesink are stripped down and any warn down parts are replaced with new ones. We make sure the machines are restored so that they are as close to new condition as possible before they are sold."

To talk to someone about how the Toro range could suit your course, call 01480 226800.

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