Excitement from three British Seed Houses newcomers at BTME

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16 Green on 9.22.08 002.jpgBritish Seed Houses kicks off 2010 in fine style with three exciting new grass varieties to be launched at BTME on stand A15. The three varieties each bring benefits to different markets, from golf to summer sports and turf growing to landscaping.

With their strong performance on golf courses, Creeping Bents are on every greenkeeper's shopping list, and the revolutionary 007 variety has a licence to thrill. Developed from no less than 24 parent plants, 007 offers superior turf quality, eliminates winter stress discolouration and is highly competitive against poa annua.

Highly versatile - it is suitable for use on greens, tees and fairways, as a complete reseed or for overseeding - 007 has enhanced Dollar Spot resistance, and offers vigorous, uniform growth.

Moderate density allows fertiliser and top dressings to be incorporated, but this variety also cuts maintenance bills due to lower fertiliser requirements and reduced need for fungicides. It also adapts well to close mowing on greens.

"This variety is likely to challenge all other creeping bents on the STRI list," suggests British Seed Houses' Simon Taylor. "It is ideal for golf courses looking for the excellent performance of Creeping Bent but without the high inputs."

Finding a top quality perennial ryegrass that is suitable for a range of applications can be a challenge, but British Seed Houses has hit the jackpot with Escapade.
A brand new amenity Perennial Ryegrass for spring 2010, Escapade has high shoot density and a very fine leaf which blends well with fescues, giving a luxuriant, attractive sward.

Offering rapid recovery from wear and a reduced requirement for repair after a major tournament or public event, Escapade can also help turf growers to improve the saleability of their products. With exceptional visual merit and uniform summer and winter greenness, it would be a good choice for high profile lawns at busy hospitality venues.

Low maintenance costs are also part of the package, with excellent resistance to Red Thread.

"A high performance Perennial Ryegrass, Escapade is an ideal choice for summer sports and quality lawns and is likely to be popular for turf production," comments Simon Taylor.

Turf managers looking for a low maintenance variety should investigate AberFleece Sheeps Fescue, developed for landscaping, ornamental lawns and even golf roughs. Giving a natural grassland appearance, AberFleece is very fine leaved in texture, slow growing and tolerant of poor soil condition.

Its low maintenance requirement makes Aberfleece ideal for highways, verges and embankments, and it is also drought tolerant, cutting the workload and water bills in a dry summer.

Further savings can be made due to AberFleece's resistance to common turf diseases. "AberFleece is going to be a real winner as it can be used in so many applications, and will significantly cut costs as it requires so little maintenance," says Simon Taylor.

Trust British Seed Houses to start 2010 in style with three very diverse and very promising new varieties.


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