Fairy-tale future

Dave Stewardin Industry News
Fairy ring diseases seem to have become increasingly common over the last few years. While we know that it is not always necessary or appropriate to control them, they can be particularly troublesome on golf greens and cricket squares.

Recognising how notoriously difficult they are to control, the STRI has been carrying out research with the new fungicide Heritage on behalf of Scotts - building on the fact that the product has recommendations against fairy ring in the States. We are delighted to report that the work has been successful.

The research showed that one application of Heritage gave some control at the current UK label rate, although two applications, one month apart, gave significantly better control. The effect was enhanced when the infected area had been aerated prior to application, and applying in combination with Aquanova gave even better results.

This is encouraging news, but we must emphasise that Heritage has no label recommendation against fairy ring, and its use must necessarily be at user risk.
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