'Fantastic' TORO Grandstand the answer for Cleethorpes Golf Club

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125368.gifWhen Cleethorpes Golf Club's pedestrian mower needed to be replaced, course manager Rob Welford carried out a thorough review of the possible candidates. He found the decision to buy a Toro Grandstand stand-on mower from Hayter dealer K&M an easy one to make.

"We tested everything including a convertible mower from the USA," said Rob. "When we heard about the Grandstand, we tested it and it was outstandingly the best for our needs. So, with Hayter's agreement, we kept the demonstration model."

The tasks for the mower include cutting around trees and around the greens and a particular problem was a steep slope. Said Rob Welford, "It is too steep for our ride-on rotary and it was a very time-consuming job for the pedestrian mower. The Grandstand is fantastic. There is much less operator fatigue and our operators love it. The work that used to take two and a half days is now finished in one and a half and the support from K&M is excellent."

For details of the Toro Grandstand, together with information on the full Hayter range, log onto www.hayter.co.uk or call 0800 781 7155.

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