Fast Grass Collection = Trilo SG1165K

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DSCF0436.jpgTRILO UK LTD has delivered another four of the renowned TRILO SG1165k grass collectors, satisfying early Spring orders.

The TRILO SG1165k has a pickup width of 6.5 metres and can cover over twice the ground of its sister the SG1100, which has up to a 3 metre width. The SG1165k has a capacity 11 cubic metres and also has the quadruple wheels across the back spreading the weight across the machine, leaving little or no wheeling's behind it. The grass is brought into the centre hood by the "wings". The machine can also be used with the "wings" up for tighter areas making it a practical machine to have. TRILO now have over 30 x SG1165k machines out in the field, some as old as 10 years. All of which are running well, with very pleased owners.

"The 2 x SG1165s have transformed the way we collect clippings," says Stephen Edwards, Inturf Joint Managing Director. "Because we can cover 25 acres per hour we achieve vastly greater efficiencies than before - absolutely vital in an increasingly competitive market."

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