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Introducing GreenTek's highly discreet Dyna-Corer; three individual units mounted on a greens triple mower, with a 60" working width.

Greenkeepers regularly face the challenge of how to get essential greens maintenance tasks done, such as hollow coring, without disrupting play or disturbing putting surfaces. This has led to an increase in micro coring, as causing much less visible disruption.

The GreenTek Dyna-Corer units take this method to a totally new level.

By using and highly manoeuvrable power unit enables greens to be hollow cored (or solid tined) in just minutes.

The added benefit is that these units are visually almost indistinguishable from regular mowing units, and so there is much less resistance from the memberships than when using tractor mounted corers.

This enables the greenkeepers to get this important turf improvement task done at their discretion throughout the season, rather than having to wait until the traditional end of season maintenance in the autumn.

What becomes apparent straightaway when seeing the Dyna-Corer in action is how exceptionally quiet and unobtrusive the operation is.

Mike Stott, GreenTek's Global Sales Manager explains: "The Dyna-Corer's micro tines effectively remove thousands of tiny core plugs, and this coring depth can be precisely adjusted down to a maximum of 25mm.

"This is excellent preparation before seeding. The Dyna-Corer also relieves surface compaction, which we all know is important to prevent sealing to enable air and water to reach the root zone."

"Perhaps, best of all, is the discretion this machine gives greenkeepers. Since the operation is so smooth and quiet, and since you can use your greensmower, members won't even notice the coring taking place!"

Dyna-Corer's interchangeable tine options include hollow core tines, solid tines, needle tines and cross tines. This gives a multitude of fast micro coring options, at different depths, all from a greens triple mower.

The Dyna-Corer has received lots of buzz in the greenkeeping community over the past few years due to its superior performance, convenience and discretion.

It is part of GreenTek's renowned Dynamic Range, which includes Dyna-Corer, Dyna-Seeder, Dyna-Spiker and Dyna-Brush.

"Wow this is a greenkeepers' dream! Dyna-Corer is one of those pieces of equipment that comes along every few years and changes the way you maintain your greens. Recommended…"

Dyna Corer at a glance

  • Relieves surface compaction
  • Prevents surface sealing to enable air and water to reach the root zone
  • Effective thatch removal in dry weather without risk of cracking from deep grooving
  • Excellent preparation before seeding
  • Exceptionally smooth and quiet in operation
  • Fits most greens triple mowers
  • Weight 47kg per unit
  • Working depth 5-25mm
  • Hole spacing 45mm centres (forward spacing controlled by travel speed)
  • Fitted with core collector/rowing attachment
  • Several tine options
  • 2 year warranty

For further information visit: email: or call 0113 267 7000.

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