Fast Wiedenmann Terra Spikes extend ‘windows of opportunity’ for under-pressure turf professionals

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Bruce Cruickshank with Wiedenmann Gxi8 HD.JPGIncreasingly Wiedenmann's deep Terra Spike aerators with their combination of speed and accuracy are proving a winner when weather conditions are unpredictable.

They give customers a "greater window of opportunity" and as a consequence earn their keep that bit faster.

For example, as the Wiedenmann aerator is designed for exceptional speed and efficiency, there is more scope to take advantage of prevailing conditions. For many customers it is possible to aerate all 18 golf course greens in just one day. With a slower machine this task could take days. The decision to "go" is made a lot easier if you can do the job in half the time.

Colin Wheatcroft, head groundsman at Plymouth Argyle FC was hugely impressed right from the start when he took delivery of his Terra Spike GXi6.
"We did the whole pitch in less than three hours. We couldn't believe its speed.

That was why we bought it and instantly it was fast. With our previous equipment we were taking between six and seven hours every Friday and it was hard work. It virtually took a whole day. Now we're taking just over two and a half hours and have got time to do other things. It's wonderful. There are so many demands on the pitch and saving so much time is making a real difference."

When asked which maintenance operation you would like to do more often, most greenkeepers and groundsmen would answer aeration. They don't complete this task as often as they would like purely because it is time consuming and labour intensive. Many clubs and facilities have been forced to cut staff numbers and budgets recently so to still get the job done when you want and as frequently is a great benefit.

The faster machines from Wiedenmann give more windows of opportunity, an extremely important factor with most golf clubs diaries packed with allocated days for the members, competitions and society golf. Being able to make a quick decision depending on the weather and amount of play makes managing the maintenance that much easier allowing the flexibility needed to complete this very important task.

Another advantage a Wiedenmann delivers is the consistently regular hole pattern and clean finish. Aeration needs to be done but it's a huge bonus to do it quickly and effortlessly without leaving tell tale signs.

Course Manager at Hamilton Golf Club, Bruce Cruickshank with his Terra Spike GXi8 HD says: "If we've been over the greens and fairways there is no disturbance to the playing surface and members are unaffected."

Jim Braithwaite agrees. As Course Manager at Long Ashton GC, Bristol with experience of two Wiedenmann spikers, he says: "Even with the XF, very few members would realise the turf had been aerated and now we're using the GXi6 with its own roller, it is even less obvious - there is very little impact to the players or to ball roll."

For contractors like the family-owned Shorts Group in Berkshire who have commitments beyond golf but also to local authority surfaces and private polo fields, a dependable Terra Spike is an essential machine. Agriculture Manager, James Winfield puts it simply: "It helps us provide the quality service our customers demand in a more timely way."

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