February 2017 Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

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Sports covered are bowls, cricket, rugby, football, golf and tennis

Well, the forecasters got it generally right for January; we had the widespread frosts, which caused some problems with postponed games and fixtures. And a similar mixed bag is supposed to be on the cards in February. It's a true test of the groundsmen and greenkeepers' skills, and patience!

There's not a lot to be done on or with a frozen surfaces, other than to wait for a thaw, which will eventually arrive. Hopefully, the end of the month will see the start of spring, and some increasing temperatures to give the grass plant a bit of a boost.

Yet another challenging month ahead for all groundsmen and greenkeepers, with some more difficult decisions to make - so, good luck with them.

Our diaries will provide you with general advice and guidance on the sort of work you should be contemplating at this time of the year.

The advice is not set in stone; each facility and surface is different, so the experienced groundsman or greenkeeper will take on board whatever is relevant to them. For those who are less experienced, the diaries should be a useful guide for what should be done this month.

If you need any more specific advice or information, why not check out our Forum.

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