Feedback generates new fairway mowers

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7500 PrecisionCut.jpgJohn Deere's new PrecisionCut range of lightweight fairway mowers offer a number of advanced features based on customer feedback, including a new four wheel drive system and increased operator comfort. They replace the existing 3225C and 3235C models, and will be available from spring 2008.

The 7500 and 8500 mowers come with five 22in standard bedknife-to-reel cutting units, with 5in diameter reels, a fixed front roller and an adjustable rear roller to make the units less aggressive at lower cutting heights. These are a heavy duty version of the cutting units used on John Deere's latest 2500B and 2500E triplex greens mowers, and they feature a Quik-Tach removal system for easy maintenance.

The 7700 and 8700 models utilise 22in ESP (extra strength & precision) cutting units with 7in diameter reels. These feature reel-to-bedknife adjustment, adjustable front and rear rollers, and a patented system that allows quick height of cut changes from to 1/4 to 3in, in 1/16 or 1/18in increments. The patented 'rotate-for-service' system provides quick and easy access for all adjustments without needing to remove the reels from the machine.

Powered by a 36hp (7000 Series) or 42hp (8000 Series) turbocharged diesel engine, intercooled on the 8000 models, these new mowers employ a servo-controlled hydrostatic drive system as standard to provide increased hydraulic flow, producing extra power and traction in either two- or four-wheel drive. For ultimate traction and hill climbing performance, all four models offer the optional GRIP all-wheel drive traction system. This is a true hydraulic 4WD system that is engaged at all times when mowing, thus minimising wheel slip and providing maximum traction when it's needed most.

Operator comfort has been enhanced by introducing extra legroom and visibility, a wider operator platform, a CommandArm that locates all the controls at the operator's fingertips, and a fully adjustable deluxe Grammer seat as standard. Other standard features include a ROPS frame and seat belt, for added safety, as well as a work light kit for early morning and late evening mowing. An 18gal fuel tank provides plenty of fuel for all-day operation, and all daily service items are located on the left hand side of the machine for quick and easy access.

Both standard and ESP cutting units feature a patented rear attachment point for the cutting unit yokes. This transfers force onto the rear roller, helping to maintain a consistent cutting height. The patented hydraulic down pressure system can be adjusted as required for ultimate control of cut quality, especially in different seasons and changing weather conditions.

Fairway tender conditioners (FTCs) and rear roller power brushes are optionally available across the entire John Deere PrecisionCut fairway mower range. The FTC stands the grass up prior to cutting and improves the dispersal of grass clippings, especially in early morning, dewy conditions, while the rear roller power brush keeps the roller clean, while also maintaining a consistent height of cut.


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