Fertiliser endures at Goodwood

Carol Duttonin Equestrian

RAMONTI.4 copy (1)Seamus Buckley, Manager and Clerk of the Course at Goodwood Racecourse has taken delivery of Vitax Amenity's Endure organo-mineral fertiliser, which he will apply at the end of season in November, for the fourth year in succession.

With an increased fixture list and more horses running than ever before he finds that the slow release organic based formulations harden the turf and help the course stand up to the increased wear and tear.

"We use Endure Autumn/Winter at the full recommended application rate and that helps the turf recover and takes us right through until spring," he says. "Come May we'll use the Endure Spring/Summer formulation at half the recommended rate, topping up in June, again with half the recommended rate, which prepares the course for our big 'Glorious Goodwood' meeting. I don't like to put too much nitrogen on the course at any one time especially in the growing season. The last thing we want here is a weak flush of growth."

Since changing to Endure three years ago Seamus says that he couldn't be more pleased about the results and has no intention of using any other fertiliser. "We've won the 'Best Kept Racecourse' award four times since 2000 and come second four times," he reveals. "We're hoping that in 2010 we'll win it again."

For further information on the Endure range of fertilisers visit www.vitaxamenity.co.uk

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