Fertiliser Usage: The Do’s and Don’ts

Martyn Jonesin Training & Education

Fertiliser Usage: The Do's and Don'ts

By Martyn Jones

Apart from the developments in pesticide formulations, the number of options for nutrient applications is possibly the element of turfgrass management that has seen most changes and product introductions. Various slow- or controlled-release formulations have been introduced; liquid formulations for foliar application has become more widely used; new organic and synthetic products have been developed; and different micro-nutrient carriers have provided more predictable release patterns and availability.

However, along with the array of introductions has come a lot of misleading information, leading to confusion and inappropriate usage. Many of these points will be clarified by researchers and experts at the National Turfgrass Foundation 'In Pursuit of Excellence' Conference, 5th to 8th December, at the Hilton Hotel, Blackpool.

Prof. Al Turgeon, Pennsylvania State University, will discuss the do's and don'ts of foliar fertilisation, and highlight some of the facts and fallacies of this increasingly-used method of applying nutrients.

Also, developments in controlled nutrient release technology will be assessed by Dr Leon Terlingen, Director of Research at Scotts International, and he will be looking at the benefits and potential pitfalls of some of these products.

There are also lots of additional topics being addressed at the Conference, some closely related to fertiliser usage whilst others are concerned with totally different subjects. It's a large programme and there is something to suit every interest. You can also join the Pitchcare.com team in our CyberCafe at the event. For further details and a Conference package, email NTFoundation@aol.com or visit the NTF website at www.turfgrass.org.uk.

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