FIFA face concerns over Maracana pitch

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With just over two weeks to go to kick-off, World Cup chiefs may have a new concern on their hands with the playing surface at the Maracana in a shocking state.

It may be the spiritual home of 'O Jogo Bonito', but with 16 days until the tournament begins and 19 days until it hosts Argentina and Bosnia in its first match, it doesn't look like anyone will be playing beautiful football on the hallowed ground any time soon.

FIFA staged a final run-through of the Rio de Janeiro venue on Monday and while the stadium itself is good to go, the surface is anything but.

The Maracana pitch looked unfit for even a casual kickabout, such was its terribly scarred, pock-marked appearance. It may be suited more to beach football if the piles of sand being applied to it were anything to go by as teams of groundsmen tackled the brown surface.

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