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cover issue34 2010 150Pitchcare members have been discussing the future of their jobs on our message board for some months now.

Steve Hesk (aka Steve63) left a message after being made redundant by Blackpool Council. Steve has now found employment with another local authority through an employment agency and credits the support of his family and friends for pulling him through and keeping his outlook positive. He's also relieved that his redundancy came at the beginning, rather than the end of the season, as he doubts he'd have found work as quickly if it'd happened later in the year.

As government cuts and the effects of inflation affect every industry, public and private sector employers have seemingly little option than to reduce the size of their workforces, leaving turf care professionals across the country out of work.

For those without employment, the burden of providing for their families and meeting their financial obligations can be overwhelming. As an industry, it is in our interest to ensure that the turf professionals' skills aren't lost by people being left with no other option than to seek employment in other sectors.

Pitchcare was conceived to help Groundsmen and Greenkeepers, and we believe there has never been a greater need than right now.

As the most popular website in the turf industry, visited by tens of thousands of people from more than 28 countries, we want to use our profile to give unemployed turf professionals the opportunity to showcase themselves to the many employers, institutions and industry personnel who use it.

Each week from next week, the Pitchcare website will feature an individual who is currently looking for work. We appeal to employers, grounds and course managers, supervisors, HR staff, anyone who thinks they can help that individual to get in touch with them, or us, to give them the chance to gain employment in the turf industry as quickly as possible.

To take part, please email me at, letting me know about your current situation. Don't forget to include your location, including if you'd be willing to commute or relocate within the UK or abroad, a short summary of your experience and qualifications, and information about the sort of work you're looking for. There's no charge for taking part and we won't ask you to disclose personal or salary information. You will have the opportunity to check the information we're going to publish before it goes on the site.

Let's see if, as an industry, we can make a tangible difference to our colleagues and their families.

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