Fineturf Recycle Profits into Environmental and Customer Savings

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In recent years, sports grounds have faced smaller budgets with increased pressure to deliver a great playing surface. Fineturf have always been proactive in offering customers various programs of maintenance and specialised advice to ensure sports clubs can maintain the best possible playing surface within their budgets. In a quest for additional customer savings, while improving the quality of the playing surface Fineturf have been on the lookout for new machinery and techniques that could offer a solution.

Fineturf are excited to have added to their growing fleet of specialist sports pitch maintenance machinery by purchasing two pieces of equipment from GKB Machines in the Netherlands. Fineturf take delivery of the GKB Drainmaster and GKB Eco-Dresser in time for the 2010 IOG Saltex show on Tuesday 7 September where the machines will be demonstrated on the BLEC Global stand.

BLEC Global are manufacturers and suppliers of quality specialised landscaping and turfcare equipment and are the UK distributors for GKB Machines.

Prior to making the purchases, Fineturf investigated similar machines on the market and after some careful research and a 16 hour round trip to the GKB factory in the Netherlands a decision was made to purchase the GKB's.

The GKB Drainmaster, is used to improve surface drainage on your sports turf surface. In one pass, 3 trenches are dug at a depth of up to 230mm. The debris from these trenches is transported directly into a trailer using a conveyor belt system. Following this, the trenches are back filled and compacted with sand in a single operation. These trenches are dug at right angles to the primary drainage system ensuring the process complimenting the existing sports pitch drainage.

The benefits of using the GKB Drainmaster are both environmental and economical. The use of one machine to trench and back fill reduces transport and labour costs and there is less time spent on the sports ground surface. The result of using the Drainmaster is vastly improved surface drainage and improved playing capacity.

The GKB Ecodresser, is used to aerate and top dress your sports pitch surface. Using 6 coulters and 24 blades, slits are made in the existing surface, aerating and decompacting the soil. The excavated material from this process is removed and transported into the collection tank on the Ecodresser. This is broken up, cultivated and the recycled material is used as top dressing for the playing surface.

The process is completed in one pass offering major environmental and economical benefits to the client. Using the Eco Dresser aerates the soil, improves drainage and creates a good reseeding environment. Re using the recycled material as top dressing greatly reduces material costs (no importation) and reduces the risk of soil contamination, does not disturb existing turf and utilises any existing nutrients present.

Please contact Fineturf for more information on using our new machines on your football, rugby or cricket pitches as part of you sports ground maintenance programme.

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