First viewing of new Toro Greensmaster 1026

Izzy Cutlerin Machinery & Mechanics

Reesink welcomed the Greensmaster 1026 at BTME, the latest model in the redesigned Greensmaster 1000 series.

As part of a range redesign, Toro has taken the design of the 30-year-old 'classic' Greensmaster 1000 and given it a complete revamp to bring operator and greensmower into perfect harmony according to the company.

Customers may remember from the launch of the GR1021 at BTME 2019 that multiple innovations - starting with an industry-first telescoping handle - come together to deliver unparalleled quality of cut and consistent playability on each and every green in this series. In fact, all that remains the same are the patented DPA cutting units, but even that has had a modular redesign to allow the driveline and chassis to be removable for eased servicing, saving time and money and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Jeff Anguige, national sales manager at Reesink, says: "Like the other models in the range, including the GR1021 which will also be at the 2020 show, the GR1026 brings consistency to fixed-head pedestrian greens mowing. With its innovative telescoping handle, each machine in the range can accommodate operators of different heights and skill levels and now with the GR1026 can deliver the widest cut yet at 26 inches.

"This series redesign clearly demonstrates what Toro does best - it takes something beloved by many and widely believed to be great just as it is and makes it even better. Delivering more of what we expect as technology advances - increased productivity, improved results and a better working experience. It will undoubtedly become the new legend in greensmowing."

Additional benefits that come with not only the GR1026, but the GR1018 and GR1021 too, include a heavy-duty 3.5hp Honda engine and a choice of cutting units. Increased productivity comes in the form of an operational bail for slowing down or stopping in tight turns without disengaging traction and there's no greasing requirement for labour-saving maintenance. The rubber-mounted handle reduces the oscillation from walking for cutting consistency and delivers further improved results, while the easy conversion capability from greens to tees mowing, balance for tracking and problem-free turn around, and squeeze brake for enhanced control all combine for a better working experience for the operator. And in the case of the GR1026, having a wider mowing swath delivers increased productivity.

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