First Wiedenmann Terra Spike SL6 goes to Market Drayton GC

Val Grahamin Golf

Top Shropshire course, Market Drayton GC has taken delivery of the first Terra Spike SL6, Wiedenmann's super light aerator for fine turf.

"It came along just as I was looking for extra depth," said head greenkeeper, Simon Cotterill. "Our previous micro-tine machine operated to about 100 mm but going to 210 mm just suits us better."

No stranger to Wiedenmann aerators, this is the fourth Terra Spike Simon Cotterill has purchased in his 26 years at the parkland course, having bought an original P6 and two subsequent XP6s.

"The plan is to use solid tines across all greens every 3 weeks or so falling back to four to five weeks in winter, weather depending. If we're out early morning and follow with a cut, no-one will know we've been out.

"We've also gone for coring tines for tees and surrounds and purchased a Groundsman Flexblade core collector to collect as it travels. Paul McIldoon our Wiedenmann UK Sales Manager made all the arrangements directly with the Groundsman factory team in Northern Ireland so that the collector fitted snugly to the measurements of the SL and he fitted the brackets himself."

Smart in every sense of the word, an innovative cover is one of several bespoke features designed to keep the SL's weight to just 470kg. An updated version of Wiedenmann's patented TwinDrive takes up less room and moves the centre of gravity closer to the tractor. Other developments include a built-in tine return system and additional shock absorbing facility.

Providing sales and service support to Market Drayton's greenkeeping team of five are local Wiedenmann dealers, Burrows GM in Stafford. Regional Sales Manager, Colin Goldfinch, said: "At 1.4 m this new aerator is wide enough to cover the greens quickly but small enough to be very nimble. The XP6 at 400mm deep is at the opposite end of the aerator range so Simon and the lads have all bases covered now."