Football Foundation welcomes £205m of new funding to grassroots facilities

Football Foundationin Funding

- £205m of new Government funding announced as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review, will help to transform grassroots football in England

- The Premier League, The FA and Government's Football Foundation will be investing 70% of the funding in priority areas identified in the government's 'Levelling Up agenda'

The Premier League, The FA and Government's Football Foundation welcomes the news that a further £205 million of government funding will be made available to invest in community sports facilities across England in the next three years.

The investment, which was announced by the Chancellor during today's Comprehensive Spending Review, will be used by the Football Foundation to target communities up and down the country who will benefit most from access to better sports facilities. These regions reflect the priority areas set out by the Government in its 'Levelling Up Agenda' - 70 percent of Football Foundation funding will be going to category 1 and 2 areas identified by the Government across England.

This new funding will provide welcome support to the grassroots football community as the nation begins to build back from Covid-19.

Many of these improved grassroots facilities, whilst rooted in football, will host a range of other community sports, including rugby and cricket.

The Football Foundation is the UK's largest sports charity and exists to deliver outstanding grassroots football facilities, which means better games and more players - helping transform communities where demand is greatest and impact will be strongest. Since it was formed 21 years ago, the Foundation and its partners have unlocked £1.8bn of investment in grassroots football.

Walking Football at Rectory Park - a top class hub facility delivered thanks to a £3.1m football foundation grant

Robert Sullivan, Football Foundation Chief Executive Officer, said: "This investment is welcome news for all those involved in grassroots football across the country. We know that playing on good quality facilities helps people get fitter, improves mental wellbeing, grows confidence and builds stronger relationships. This is all essential for individuals and communities as we emerge out of the Covid-19 crisis."

"With the government, Premier League and The FA's investment, we have made plenty of progress in the last two decades, but there is still lots of work to do to ensure all communities across England get the standard of local sports facilities they need and deserve. This new funding will unlock the power of even more pitches to help transform people's lives."

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters said: "We welcome the news that the Government is providing further investment into grassroots football pitches and facilities, which will support communities all over the country and help ensure even more people are able to play the sport."

"These funds will enhance the significant contributions the Premier League, The FA and Government have put into developing thousands of grassroots projects over the last two decades through the Football Foundation, providing a valuable boost in areas that need these facilities the most."

Mark Bullingham, Chief Executive of The FA said: "This investment into grassroots football pitches and multi-sport facilities is fantastic news for communities throughout the country. It will help the nation get active as we emerge from the impact of Covid. This is an important part of the Government's £550m commitment to transform our grassroots football infrastructure, which will have a massive social and economic impact."

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