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Couldn't help but laugh at the weather-related stories coming from the official Leeds United site and official Stockport County site over the last few days.

With the two sides due to meet tomorrow, Stockport County's fans helped to clear the pitch earlier in the week so the covers could be laid and hot-air blowers put in place. However, snow and ice were still present on the stands meaning the match could still be cancelled amid fear of potential injury to fans. With the health and safety brigade sharpening their pencils and 'no win, no fee' lawyers setting their sat-navs, Stockport issued another plea for fans to help them clear the stands this morning.

Back in Leeds meanwhile Father Bates returned from a night of delivering lumps of coal to naughty boys and girls to issue a statement thanking Leeds United's groundsmen for their hard-work in ensuring all matches could go ahead as planned and the training facilities were in good shape.

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