Footballers show red card to dog owners for foul play

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Football players are waving the red card at dog owners who allow their animals to leave mess on their pitch.

Bishop's Caundle Football Club has blasted irresponsible residents for causing a serious health risk to the community by turning a blind eye when their pets defecate on the recreation ground.

Fed up with having to patrol the pitch with spades to clear the faeces, they have urged people to keep their animals on leads and pick up after them.

Club chairman David Byrne said: "There are certain people in the village who allow their dogs to wander all over the pitch and aren't responsible enough to pick it up. It's a big issue for us because a few years ago a football player went blind because he got dog mess in his eye. The Dorset County Football Association say that games are not allowed to go ahead if there is any dog mess on the pitches.

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