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john moverlyThe importance of demonstrating good practice and using trained and qualified staff has never been greater albeit this is in the context of ever increasing financial pressures. It is really important that those awarding contracts seek out operators who can demonstrate their amenity assured credentials.

By the same token, so that the sector can fully demonstrate its commitment to best practice and the highest standards, it is equally important that they engage their staff in continuing professional development. Whilst many already do so, there still remain those who operate outside guidelines established and the message must be taken to everyone involved in our sector.

In this context, the Amenity Forum was extremely pleased to support BASIS at an event held at Pride Park , Derby on 22nd November. The event was an opportunity to see how the award has progressed and the commitment to make Amenity Assured the quality standard to look for when specifying and awarding contracts for pest and weed control in amenity situations.

John Moverley, Chairman of the Amenity Forum, spoke at the event stressing the need for everyone involved in amenity to be fully aware of recent changes and requirements, to ensure they adopt safest practices and follow guidance available, to fully support the Forum, demonstrating to all that the sector was working together on these issues and adopting the standards established as in Amenity Assured.

The Amenity Forum is currently in the midst of a special campaign entitled 'Upping our Game''. Some forthcoming events include one in Wales in conjunction with Green Space, speaking at the IOG conference and a number of regional events planned for 2013 in conjunction with member organisations and supported by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate.

John Moverley said 'We have a real opportunity here and it is vital that we reach out to everyone in our sector. We need the whole sector to back our campaign and create a standard of operation accepted by all. Those awarding contracts should look for this standard giving confidence in quality, minimising risks and providing real value for money''

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