Four machines now badges as ‘Dual Use’ across both artificial and natural

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Combi Clean 2350 on pavement (640x465)When your groundcare machinery can double up to be used on both artificial and natural grass then you know that you've bought well. Wiedenmann UK now offers four 'dual use' fleet items and such versatility is helping clients stretch their budgets that bit further.

Both the Terra Brush and the Terra Groom have been designed from the outset to be equally at home on either surface. On artificial, both brushes, albeit slightly different in size and zig-zag formations, offer intensive and even brushing. They brush sand and rubber crumbs back into the infill zone, straightening and levelling the surface in a smooth pass. On natural grass Whisper Twister head on (640x482)they dispense with early morning dew and brush in top dressing and facilitate worm cast removal. Importantly, whereever they are used and whatever surface, they make the grass 'stand tall' and well presented.

The infinitely capable Wiedenmann Whisper Twister was originally earmarked for leaf and debris blowing on parkland. However it was quickly found to be just as effective at blowing rubbish from artificial pitches; the 270° swivel head and directional vent making it easy to gather in piles without blowing off the infill.

Lastly, the Combi Clean sweeper was engineered for snow, dirt and soil sweeping and collecting. However, quite a few clients have seized on the fact that the front-mounted Combi Clean lends itself very nicely to brushing and infilling synthetic pitches.

Wiedenmann Terra Groom (2) (1280x960)"Contractors and local authority customers these days generally maintain both 'codes' of pitches," says Wiedenmann UK Sales Manager, Chas Ayres. "Having truly versatile machines at your disposal is a great way of maximising out front power units all year round. Or if the weather is too wet to work on natural turf, they simply switch their attention to their artificial areas so that staff can still be deployed."

"Wiedenmann dealers are telling us that the dual use facility is proving helpful for those who have to justify investing in new equipment. It means a low cost-per-use and for many, these machines can be used week in, week out and don't have to sit idle. When everyone is looking for additional value this is a great selling point."

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