Freeze dried bacteria provide big savings

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Freeze dried bacteria provide big savings for operators of biological wastewater treatment systems

By Roger Morland

For those currently buying bacteria in bottled liquid form and probably spending around £20.00 per week, the availability of bacteria in freeze dried form must be good news.

Now available from Hydroscape and suitable for any type of biological wastewater treatment system, these freeze dried bacteria come in water-soluble PVA sachets and have a shelf life of up to 2 years, compared to a few days for the bottled liquid version (if not stored in a refrigerator).

More importantly, prices for the freeze-dried form are around half those of liquids.

So for golf club management looking to trim costs, along with improved handling and storage, a quick call to Hydroscape on 01425 476261 would be a small price to pay for your next supply of bacteria.

Further information on the Hydroscape supplied freeze dried bacteria is available from: Hydroscape Ltd. please Tel: 01425 476261 or E-mail: for further details

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