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Fusarium screen.jpgThe internet based turf disease forecasting service, www.GreenCast.co.uk is forecasting a high risk of Fusarium Patch to hit turf across the UK this week. Turf managers are advised a well-timed application of Heritage could give persistent protection through the high risk periods in early autumn.

Fusarium is expected to hit turf across the UK this week, with the internet based- disease forecasting service, www.GreenCast.co.uk predicting a widespread high risk of infection from Wednesday onwards (26 September 2007) - below. After a prolonged period of dry settled weather for much of the country, the onset of heavy autumn rain and rapidly cooling soils are the precursor for Fusarium (Microdochium Patch) disease attacks.

Furthermore, Take-all Patch has been occurring at high levels in recent weeks, warns Syngenta Technical Manager, Simon Barnaby. "As turf managers think about autumn renovation projects, they would be well advised to look at the web site daily and assess risk of local disease outbreaks," he adds.

Forewarned of impending disease attack, he believes a well timed application of Heritage fungicide now could give essential persistent protection through high risk periods, including when top dressing and renovation work may put turf under additional stress and greater disease susceptibility. "Whilst turf is still growing in mild autumn conditions the truly systemic nature of Heritage will continue to move the fungicide into new growth, and avoid the protection being mowed off with first cut," he advises.

"Heritage now has the broadest-spectrum label approval of all fungicides; turf managers have the opportunity to tackle more diseases in one application than any other single product."

If disease pressure remains high, and a further application of fungicide is required whilst the turf is still growing, managers can use Banner Maxx, which also protects the turf as it grows. The Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) advises Banner Maxx will also provide effective early curative control of Fusarium Patch. Once turf stops growing, mangers can switch to the contact activity of Daconil Weather Stik, to provide an entirely different mode of action for effective over-winter control of Fusarium and other diseases.

"With the additional advice available on GreenCast it may be possible to time turf management operations when disease risk is lowest. Combined with well-timed fungicide applications this should make it possible to minimise any disease damage this autumn," adds Simon Barnaby.

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for further risk assessment and information on the Integrated Turf Management control of Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale).

Heritage, Banner MAXX, and Daconil Weather Stik are distributed in the UK and Ireland by the Scotts Company; www.scottsprofessional.co.uk

For specialist Syngenta turf management information visit the web site www.greencast.co.uk


Free trial access to the full GreenCast site - including the GreenCast Premier services - is now available to turf managers until the end of this year. Registration on the site creates no commitment to future subscription. Syngenta plans for significant areas of important information to remain freely available for all turf managers.

Some of the above products can be viewed online . www.pitchcare.com/shop/

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