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The Brisbane Cricket ground, situated in the Woollongabba area of Brisbane and universally known by its nickname the Gabba, has been extensively redeveloped over recent years.

The distinctive grassy banks have been replaced with modern stands and, while some of the ground's charm may have been lost in the work, the Gabba now offers top-class facilities for players and spectators alike.

The Gabba's most famous moment occurred in 1960/1 when it hosted the legendary tied Test between Australia and West Indies.

Traditionally, the Gabba wicket has been a batting heaven. The track is known for staying flat and true for the duration of the five days of a Test match. The fast bowlers may get slight assistance early on, but that is the most they can expect to receive.

There is often a little more there for the spinners, with the extra bounce as likely to hoodwink the batsman as turn.

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