Gary Hoffmann to stand down as Chair of the Football Foundation

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After eight years, Gary Hoffmann has decided to stand down as Chair of the Football Foundation.

"Having helped to guide the Foundation to achieve a number of significant milestones over the past few years, I think that now would be a good time to step away and allow somebody else the pleasure of chairing this wonderful organisation."

"It has been an immense privilege to have worked with colleagues on the Foundation Board who lead our national game, and who care so much about how the game is being shaped at the grassroots level."

"I came into this role at a time when funding and interest appeared to be waning, and I leave happy in the knowledge that both have reached a high watermark."

"The support that the Premier League, The FA and Sport England/The Government gives to the Foundation is not always appreciated. They help the Foundation to do fantastic work to improve facilities up, down and across the country. We have an agreed national strategy for football facilities and local plans that will ensure communities are supported where most needed."

"I know that the outstanding staff at the Foundation will continue to ensure that this investment is directed to where it will have the greatest impact, and that they will continue to work with our partners to provide the community football facilities that this country deserves."