Amenity Forum say Get Moving

Kate Hopkinsin Industry News

At its conference last October, the Amenity Forum launched its GetMoving campaign. This seeks to improve awareness of how important and essential weed, pest and disease management is for maintaining safe, healthy and fit for purpose amenity spaces.

It impacts upon every UK citizen in all their daily lives. The first stage was development of infographic and edugraphic materials together with short video clips across a range of amenity situations.

Such material continues to be developed and now a website has been developed brining to life a British family on which the materials have been modelled around. Jim and Lynne and their children learn about the world of amenity and the impact on their lives.

Jim also now has his own twitter account: @JimColins75, email accounts, Facebook page: @Getbritainmoving and will soon develop a blog. Jim will always have a view and seek to pick up on topical debate and issues surrounding amenity.

Take a look at the website

It is hoped that everyone can get engaged and help improve understanding of amenity and why it matters. To many it still remains very much a given that the trains and buses will run, pavements will be cleaned, sports pitches are of a high standard etc. Through development of GetMoving, the Forum seek to achieve greater awareness and understanding.

For further information, please contact the Forum