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Andy Boxall - I don't think he likes politicians much and he wants fairer taxes!

Who are you? Andy Boxall Head Groundsman Goodwood Estate.

Family status. Married to Martina with two children - Teddy and Lucas.

Who's your hero and why? Kenny Dalglish - the Liverpool football legend.

What's been the highlight of your career so far? Being promoted to head role at Goodwood.

If your younger self saw you now, what would he think? I should have studied more!

Which famous people wind you up? Any politicians.

What job would you love, other than your own? Any job that involved working indoors. I'd like to work from home!

What was the most embarrassing moment in your life? I have far too many to list here! I often find myself caught in embarrassing moments.

What is your favourite film? Kingdom of Heaven.

What scares you? Someone in my team getting hurt.

What would your autobiography be called…and who would play you in the film? The Steady Man - Orlando Bloom

What is your favourite sport? Football (Liverpool fan).

What would you cast into room 101? All politicians!

What's the best advice you have ever been given? Work hard.

Which historical time and place would you most like to visit? The 1940s, in the second world war years.

Do you have a lifetime ambition? To help my children be happy and successful.

What's your favourite smell? Chocolate!

Which three people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party? Kenny Dalglish, Bob Marley and Sir Winston Churchill.

What's your favourite piece of trivia? The Goodwood motor racing circuit measures 2.367 miles.

What's your favourite piece of kit? Our New Holland T5 tractor - it's so versatile.

Which three albums would you take to a desert island? Bob Marley - Legend, David Gray - White Ladder and any Luciano Pavarotti album!

What's the daftest work-related question you have ever been asked? Seed just gone in the ground - will it be fully grown in two days?

What three words best describes yourself? Friendly, reliable and hard-working.

What is the single most useful thing you could tell a 16-year-old grounds person? Ask lots of questions!

What law/legislation would you like to see introduced? Sort out fairer taxation on earnings!

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