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Direct watering to the roots allows any excess water to evaporate quicklyA permanent solution for lifelong healthy trees and roots is being introduced by Martin Lishman at the Four Oaks Trade show. Rootwell is an innovative device that provides a vertical channel for water, fertilizers and soil amendments such as compost tea to reach deeper soil horizons, directly irrigating and aerating the critical root zone. This helps to eliminate wasteful run-off and can reduce water application by up to 30%.

Research has indicated that introducing the water vertically into a planting pit during the establishment phase of a new tree will require less water. This is promising news considering the drought effects on trees in many areas this year. The water introduced vertically by Rootwell will fall to the bottom of the tree pit and saturate from the bottom up without any risk of compaction. This allows roots to absorb the water at the bottom of the pit and forces the root system down into the soil.

Benefits experienced by growers using Rootwell include less soil compaction, improved root development and increased biomass growth. An added advantage is that direct watering to the roots allows any excess water to quickly evaporate, enabling gas exchange to take place at the roots and reducing the risk of suffocation.

Rootwell is designed for use with all types of trees and plants. The system contributes to healthy and sustainable growth by providing access for essential elements such as oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the root zone. The walls of the Rootwell device are highly permeable, providing oxygen exchange with the soil surrounding the device. This enables the roots to grow deeper in the soil, whereas the roots of trees which are not planted using Rootwell have to make their way to the surface in order to seek oxygen and will be inherently less stable. Typically up to four Rootwell units would be either planted with the tree or introduced later using a soil auger to create a suitable size hole.

Up to four Rootwell units can be installedRootwell is available in two sizes. Rootstick is commonly used for smaller plants as well as root maintenance for shrubs. The Rootwell Pro318 provides maximum open surface area for air, water and nutrient movement through the soil. It is commonly used when transplanting larger trees, placed inside and outside the planting pit.

Founded in 1998, Rootwell is well known in the US amongst landscape architects, civil engineers and urban foresters as well as golf courses. Applications here in the UK would include commercial tree and plant production, garden exhibition contractors, tree restoration companies, large estates, parks and gardens and many more.

For more information on Rootwell, contact Martin Lishman on 01778 426600, email or visit Alternatively, visit the sales team at the Four Oaks Trade Show, stand E115 and E116, to discuss how Rootwell can enhance your tree and plant performance.

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