Golf Le Touquet invests in consistency through quality of cut

Angelique Crosnierin Machinery & Mechanics

Set within superb natural surroundings on the Northern Opal Coast in France between the forest and the dunes - Le Touquet Golf Club is classed as one of the most beautiful of European sites. Situated in the prime location since 1904, the 45-hole seaside resort is a unique site comprising of three very different courses each bringing a different playing experience.

As exciting an experience as it is for a golfer, the three courses - the 18-hole La Mer Course, a typical British links course (built-in 1931 by the renowned architect Harry Colt), the 18-hole La Forêt Course, set out in the heart of the superb pine forest of Le Touquet, and the nine-hole Manoir Course, laid out within the dunes, present head greenkeeper Ian Barnard and general manager Charles Debruyne with some interesting challenges.

Quality of cut and consistency are the two goals the team is keen to achieve. In an environment where soil profile, shade and drainage are so different from one course to the other, the greenkeeping team has opted to invest inconsistency through quality of cut.

Being in control of the sharpening is the way they have decided to do so. They considered different options before settling on the Express Dual 4250 coupled with the Anglemaster 4100 to start improving the quality of cut from the off.

"The sharpening equipment is quickly becoming a key part of our maintenance programme and we are very keen to be able to grind and keep our mowers sharp as and when we need it and as regularly as possible. The ease of use and speed of the machines have allowed even the least experienced staff to be comfortable with the principles of grinding, "said a spokesman.

Paul Wilcox from Bernhard Company added: "The training and installation went really well. We provided the team with the techniques for them to achieve their goals on the golf course. Their set up and maintenance programme is already very well organised, the sharpening programme will just give them the edge."