Grass shredder for compact tractors

Sarah Allinin Machinery & Mechanics

Kuhn Amenity Pro's new BE shredder sits in the middle of the company's landscape maintenance range as the implement best suited to cutting expansive grassy areas.

Fitted with short hammer knives on a 374mm diameter rotor, the BE is available in four different working widths, from 1.4m to 2.00m, and is suitable for compact tractors from 31 to 51 horsepower.

Machines can be front or rear-mounted, and are available with the option of a fixed frame or with either mechanical or hydraulic offset.

The BE has a height-adjustable 160mm diameter roller that is positioned close to the rotor for excellent ground following and accurate cutting.

This proximity of rotor and roller also creates a self-cleaning action by the working tools.

Positioning of the casing means that cut grass is ejected over the roller, therefore avoiding any compaction at the time of shredding and accelerating the decomposition.

BE landscape maintenance shredders start from £3,231 and complete a range that already includes the TL models (lighter weight, for 10-30hp) and the BKE models (heavier duty, up to 80hp and 3m working width).

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