Grassfelt Conquers Fifty Degree Slope for 11th Century Motte

Carol Duttonin Industry News

Prof shot Lucy Tower 3Over 2,500 sq metres of Lindum's Grassfelt have been successfully laid on a fifty degree slope to turf the Motte of an 11th century castle.

The patented, soil -less grass growing in biodegradable felt was cut into 30 metre rolls, winched up the slope and firmly pegged into place at Lucy Tower Motte, Lincoln Castle in November and has already established.

Simpson Contractors of Louth, who laid the Grassfelt were also responsible for preparing the land prior to turfing and had already cleared 25 tonnes of dangerous trees and scrub, leaving larger tree stumps on site to ensure stability.

Stephen Fell, Lindum's MD says that the biodegradable felt not only acts as a weed barrier and retains moisture but gives great strength and flexibility. "Turfing Lucy Tower Motte presented Lincoln Castle with an enormous challenge as it is such an incredibly steep slope," he maintains. "The project would have been impossible to accomplish using conventional turf, which would have broken up during the laying process. Grassfelt can be produced using a variety of grasses and on this occasion to cut down on maintenance we chose a Crested Hairgrass mixture which is drought tolerant and very slow growing."

Mary Powell, Programme Coordinator for the Historic Lincoln Projects at Lincolnshire County Council is delighted with the result. "Lindum Grassfelt turf is an extraordinary product and it solved the problem of how to manage this difficult steep site at Lincoln Castle. Not only does it protect the steep bank and cut down on maintenance but it looks beautiful. Response from the public has been very positive and nobody can quite believe how well it's worked."

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